I apply formal epistemology to the philosophy of science in general and philosophy of medicine (mainly pharmacology) in particular. I am interested in a wide variety of problems, approaches and techniques. Very broadly speaking: I am interested in uncertainty and how to cope with it in general and in particular.

My background is in mathematics (inductive logic, uncertain reasoning) and in information systems (multi-agent systems).

Current Position
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy within the Philosophy of Pharmacology Project, see here for our project website.

Curriculum Vitae


Ludwigstr. 31
Room 129
80539 Munich


Erkenntnis just published my paper on Variety of Evidence (draft). I show that the Variety of Evidence Thesis; the thought that varied evidence for a hypothesis confirms it more strongly than less varied evidence, ceteris paribus; can almost be vindicated. Particularly interesting are the cases in which the vindication fails.

The May issue of The Reasoner contains a short piece of mine on teaching game theory (Open Access). Updated Version.

Our “LOP1”-paper has now officially appeared.

We’ve just completed guest-editing our special issue on evidence amalgamation in the sciences with Synthese (see editing for details). Our substantial editorial has just been published.
We accepted 13 papers which are now out: Baetu, Bertolaso & Sterpetti, Claveau & Grenier, Danks & Pils, Frank, Heesen et al, Holman, Kao, Mayo-Wilson, Reiss, Wilde & Parkkinen, Vieland & Chang and Wüthrich & Steele. Many thanks to all contributors, referees, the Synthese team and the other guest-editors.

I’ve recently visited George Masterton in Lund (Sweden). Here, you can read about the trip on a sponsor’s website, here is the pdf of the report.

We are guest-editing a special issue (SI) on the notion of reliability with Synthese. We are now calling for papers.

We call for contributions which address the following topics [broadly construed]
– reliability, its uses and models in the sciences and methodologies (e.g., empirical, theoretical, social)
– reliability, its uses and models in the philosophy of these sciences to include, among other approaches, formal epistemology
– traditional main-stream approaches to reliability
– reliability and the replication crisis
– reliable inference.

Submission are due on 11.11.2018.



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