Bayesian Epistemology: Perspectives and Challenges 10 – 14 AUG 2020

Summer School 10 & 11 AUG 2020

Lectures by:

Leah Henderson (Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling)
James Joyce (TBA)
Anna Mahtani (The objects of credence: propositions & two-dimensionalism)
Gerhard Schurz (Meta-Induction)
Naftali Weinberger (Causal Modelling)
Jürgen Landes (Objective Bayesian Epistemology)

Conference 12 – 14 AUG 2020

Invited Speakers:

Leah Henderson (Groningen)
James Joyce (Michigan)
Anna Mahtani (LSE): The Ex Ante Pareto Principle and Frege’s puzzle
Gerhard Schurz (Düsseldorf)

Bayesian epistemology remains the dominant account of rational beliefs, it underpins the dominant account of decision making in science and beyond, as well as many of our statistical methods.
While important applications continue to to emerge, the work on the foundations of Bayesian epistemology never stops and a number of challenges are emerging.
The aim of this conference is bring together scholars exploring applications, challenges and foundations of Bayesian epistemology.

Topics of interest (in alphabetic order) are not limited to:

  • Accuracy
  • Bayesianism and Artificial Intelligence
  • Bayesian Networks
  • Bounded Rationality
  • Causation
  • Confirmation
  • Disagreement
  • Evidence
  • Evidence Aggregation
  • Expansion
  • Foundational Aspects of Bayesian Statistics
  • Higher Order Evidence
  • Imprecise Bayesian Approaches
  • Induction
  • Inference
  • Interpretations of Probabilities
  • Judgement Aggregation
  • Maximum Entropy (Applications, Inference and Methods)
  • Multi Agent Epistemology
  • Objective Bayesian Epistemology
  • Principles of Bayesianism (Conditionalisation, Probabilism, Total Evidence)
  • Replication
  • Updating Procedures (Jeffrey, KL, L&P).

The events are hosted by the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy.

Official Website

Some talks are now freely available on YouTube.

Virtual Meeting

Due to the pandemic the events have been moved online (details to follow).
There are no registration fees.
In order to register please send me an email at Authors of contributed papers and invited speakers do not need to register.

The conference is preceded by a two-day Summer School featuring introductory lectures on the themes of the conference. The Summer School is geared towards less senior scholars (PhD and MA students and recent postdocs). Less junior academics are, of course, warmly welcome to attend, too.

I’m editing a special issue in conjunction with these events. Get in touch, if you want to contribute.

Programme Committee

Seamus Bradley (Leeds)
Lorenzo Casini (Geneva)
Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M)
Branden Fitelson (Northeastern)
Samuel C. Fletcher (Minnesota)
Alexander Gebharter (Groningen)
Jason Konek (Bristol)
Conor Mayo-Wilson (Washington)
Erik Olsson (Lund)
Barbara Osimani (Ancona and Munich)
Jeanne Peijnenburg (Groningen)
Richard Pettigrew (Bristol)
Eric Raidl (Tübingen)
Jan-Willem Romeijn (Groningen)
Jonah N. Schupbach (Utah)
Jan Sprenger (Torino)
Julia Staffel (Colorado Boulder)
Katie Steele (ANU)
Tom Sterkenburg (Munich)
Reuben Stern (Kansas)
Katya Tentori (Trento)
Olav Vassend (Nanyang)
Naftali Weinberger (Munich)
Gregory Wheeler (Frankfurt)
Jon Williamson (Kent)

These events are generously supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) via the Evidence and Objective Bayesian Epistemology project.

Deadline for paper submission: 11. January 2020.
Notification of authors: 09. March 2020.

Please, prepare an abstract (up to 1 page) for double-blind peer-review and submit @ easychair.
Final decisions of acceptance were made with considerations of diversity in mind. Some preference may have been given to less senior scholars.