PLoS ONE published our paper with the title “A softmax algorithm for evidence appraisal aggregation“.

The Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice published our paper on E-Synthesis, Evidence Amalgamation and AI.

The European Journal for Philosophy of Science published our paper The Principal Principle, admissibility, and normal informal standards of what is reasonable.

Oxford University Press published my encyclopedia entry on Bayesian epistemology.

Synthese published my paper on how the Variety of Evidence Thesis does not depend on degrees of dependence.

Synthese published our on the notion of reliability which I guest-edited together with Barbara Osimani and Stefano Bonzio.

The Annals of Pure and Applied Logic published our paper on the Entropy Limit Conjecture.

Studia Logica published my paper on the Entropy Limit Conjecture for a given Σ2 premiss sentence.

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science published our paper with the title: Varieties of Error and Varieties of Evidence.

The Journal for General Philosophy of Science published our open access paper with the title: On the Assessed Strength of Agents’ Bias.

My contribution to the Encyclopaedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy edited by Michael A Peters on Bayesian Epistemology has been published.

The European Journal for Philosophy of Science accepted my paper with the title: Variety of evidence and the elimination of hypotheses.

Frontiers in Pharmacology accepted our paper with the title: E-Synthesis: A Bayesian Framework for Causal Assessment in Pharmacosurveillance.

Our network on the Foundations, Applications & Theory of Inductive Logic has been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Current Pharmaceutical Design published our paper on Reviewing the mechanistic evidence assessors E-Synthesis and EBM+: A case study of amoxicillin and Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS).

The Reasoner published my interview with Gabriele Kern-Isberner.

The British Society for the Philosophy of Science  and the European Philosophy of Science Association accepted a symposium on Biases in the Sciences and Science-Based Policy I proposed. My three partners in crime are Lorenzo Casini (Geneva), Bennett Holman (Yonsei) and Saana Jukola (Bielefeld).

The Reasoner published an interview I gave to Hykel Hosni.

The German research foundation decided to fund a project application of mine on Evidence and Objective Bayesian Epistemology.

Erkenntnis published my paper on Variety of Evidence (draft). I show that the Variety of Evidence Thesis; the thought that varied evidence for a hypothesis confirms it more strongly than less varied evidence, ceteris paribus; can almost be vindicated. Particularly interesting are the cases in which the vindication fails.